Gmarket order #1

First entry after reviving and giving this journal a new raison d'être, yay!
I decided to turn this into some sort of review-blog, so I'll be reviewing (duh) things I order online or just post photos of cute/cool/fun stuff I happen to find =)
Starting this off with my first ever Gmarket order (that I did with my best friend, btw)~

I placed the order on September 7th and received everything on the 21st. It took a bit longer, because three items got cancelled and then it took forever until a few items were ready to be shipped out. But that's okay, I'm a patient person hahah

On to the pictures! They are all clickable for bigger versions, jsyk ;D


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Overall, I am very satisfied with our first order. Everything went smooth and no one got hurt! There is definitely going to be a next time... as soon as my bank account recovered eheheh.
I hope you liked this little review n____n