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Stuck between my fantasy and reality ☆

Too Weird To Live But Too Rare To Die

Pinky Heaven or Bloody Hell?
11 March 1990
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☆ Basic info ☆ ♥ Love ♥ ♫ Music ♫ ✖ Concerts ✖ Credits ♣
My name is Danie and I surprisingly managed to survive for 19 years so far. I'm the kind of person who gets obsessed attached to people (and things) easily but sometimes also gets annoyed by them just as fast. I can be moody and whiny at times but I'm a nice kid in general :3
You won't believe how easily entertained I am *HEADDESK*
Feel free to add me if we have things in common or you think we'd get along :3! Just remember to comment on my FO-entry~ But please, do me a favor and don't add me if you won't show any interest at all after adding me.
The tiny selection of people that I call my friends are the most important people to me. Music is my heart beat and concerts make me feel alive. I'd probably die without my iPod. Starbucks is the place to be even though it rapes my wallet everytime. Collecting + writing letters and postcards is one of my "hobbies", they're so much better than emails. My thumbs will probably fall off one day, because I type too many text messages with Xinnie oppa. Give me a good book and I won't be able to put it away. I really enjoy learning languages, I'd love to study languages someday. I'd get pierced all over if I could. I sometimes tend to over-use smileys. I'm a part-time fangirl, just so you know~

Korean: 2PM ♥, Super Junior, Big Bang, 2AM, SHINee, Rain, Epik High, DBSK, Navi, 8eight, SS501, F.T. Island, Junjin, V.O.S, SuHo, Did You Know That Robin Is a Rabbit?, Lucite Tokki, DNT, Happy Face,...
Japanese: Miyavi, the GazettE, alice nine., SCREW, Dir en grey, ONE OK ROCK, MoNoLith, SuG, LM.C, Yamashita Tomohisa, baroque, kannivalism, Nightmare, Hyde,...
Others: The Streets, Eminem, Busted, Evanescence, Matt Willis, McFly, My Chemical Romance, Tegan and Sara, James Blunt, Amy Winehouse,...
✩--- Miyavi -29.07.07- at Brückenforum in Cologne / Germany✩---
✩--- Dir en grey -02.08.07- at Carling Academy Islington in London / UK✩---
✩--- the GazettE -23.10.07- at Muffathalle in Munich / Germany✩ ---
✩--- alice nine., SCREW, SuG, Kra & Kagrra at JRock Invasion -29.12.07- at Palladium in Cologne /Germany✩ ---
✩--- Miyavi -21.06.08- at Live Music Hall in Cologne / Germany✩---
✩--- Miyavi -29.06.08- at Backstage in Munich / Germany✩---
✩--- Miyavi -30.09.09- at Gasometer in Vienna / Austria✩---
This profile layout features Nao , the drummer and leader of the Japanese rockband アリス九號. and was made for me by the lovely pooh_yuki

Spread the Nao-Love! ヾ(◝┏▿┓◜)ノ